TD Notes and News – Week of 9/6/22

September 6, 2022

WEEK OF 9/6/22


Dear Red Lions,
I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend after a busy first day of classes!  Our “photo of the week” is titled “Lemonade for all!” and features are TD children serving up refreshing lemonade to close out the first day of classes.
Congratulations to everyone who ran yesterday’s Road Race!  I hope you all had a great deal of fun running through New Haven’s streets and hearing the music and cheers.  Please know that all proceeds go to supporting important New Haven organizations such as Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen (DESK) and IRIS (Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services).

Speaking of IRIS, our New Haven outreach Aides team is helping to spread the word of a new volunteering opportunity with IRIS’s afterschool program at their satellite just down the street from TD at the Center Church of New Haven (250 Temple Street).  The program will begin in late September and run Monday through Thursday from 3:15-5pm and focus on working with children recently resettled in New Haven.  Although the program will run in English, IRIS especially wants to encourage students with Pashto, Arabic, Spanish, and Swahili to participate.  Volunteers will go through a training and orientation with IRIS.  Please sign-up at this Google Form to get more information.

Please don’t forget to sign-up for our fall TD Community Night!  As always, Community Night is about celebrating the amazing creative energy we have in the college and we look forward to welcoming our first-year lions to the stage.  So please don’t be shy!  Please go here to sign-up.The form closes on Friday 9/9.

Quick Note about the TD Underground and Common Spaces

We are beginning to reopen the TD underground spaces now that we are wrapping up the add/drop period.  Our TD aides team is hard at work planning for reopening.  We are hoping to begin reopening spaces such as the multipurpose room gym this weekend.  And we aim to have open houses for the TD student kitchen, art studio, and recording studio the following weekend of 9/17.  Last but not least, the TD Buttery plans to have a big reopening on Sunday 9/18.

All music practice rooms and pianos are unlocked and tuned.  Please remember to request swipe access by going to this form. 

We are working on a new room reservation system for the TD Lounge, Student Kitchen, TD Seminar Room, Art Studio, and Thompson Room and hope to launch that by the end of this week.  So please stay tuned!

TD Mail Update

Lastly, some of you have asked about receiving your absentee ballots at TD.  Please know that the TD HoC office will allow for ballots to be sent here as well as any essential government documents such as a passport, social security card, and driver’s license.  Please do not use the TD HoC address for any other mailings as the office does not have the capacity to receive student mail.  For more information on student mail, please go to the Student Mail and Shipping page.  But if you need your ballot sent to you, please use this address:

Your Name
c/o Timothy Dwight College, Head of College Office
345 Temple Street
New Haven, CT 06520

Here are some more important TD events and dates for the next two weeks:

Thursday 9/8 SAC Movie Night (TD Lower Courtyard) 7:50-9:45pm

SAC is excited to be doing its first event of the year – an outdoor movie night featuring “Coco”!  Movie candy will be available so come by and enjoy the show!  

Sunday 9/11 11:59pm Creative and Performing Arts (CPA) Application Closes 

Last call to submit an application for the fall cycle of the CPA.  Please remember to meet with HL before submission.  To set up an appointment, please email her at  To learn more about the CPA and the various public health and safety guidelines, please go the Creative and Performing Arts website.  To make an application for you or your student organization, please go to the Yale Grants and Fellowships database you may access the application by clicking on this link

Monday 9/12 8:30pm TD Community Night (TD Dining Hall)

So excited for our Fall 2022 TD Community Night!  Please sign up if you would like to perform.  First-years are especially encouraged to join in and bask in the warmth of the TD community’s highly enthusiastic and raucous applause! Go here to access the form.

Friday 9/16 11:59pm Deadline to apply to join the Mott Woolley Council – TD’s Student Council 

The Mott Woolley Council, otherwise known as Mott, is one of the two TD student councils (the other being the Student Activities Council, or SAC).  Mott designs and manages TD gear sales, selects TD’s college seminar for each semester, and organizes events for the college from paintball to apple picking. If you’re a first year student and are interested in joining, please email the President of Mott and TD junior, Jai Chadha, at Please include a short answer (up to 300 words) to the following question in your email: Why do you want to be in Mott?  The first meeting of Mott will be the evening of Monday, September 26th.

Without further ado, here is a word from Dean Mahurin…



“Learning how to write stories is really different from writing the facts. I’ve thought about this a lot. Every day is chaos, right? How do I create cosmos? How do I get you to change your mind? That’s going to require you to feel something.”  (Min Jin Lee)


Sept. 7
Add/Drop period ends, 5:00 p.m.
Sept. 7
All students planning to complete degree requirements at the end of the fall term must file a petition by this date.
Sept. 14
Withdrawal from Yale College on or before this date entitles a student to a full rebate of fall-term tuition. See Undergraduate Regulations.
Sept. 14
Final deadline to apply for fall-term Leave of Absence. See Leave of Absence, Deferral, Withdrawal, and Reinstatement.
Sept. 22
Last day to withdraw from a course offered in the first half of the fall term without the course appearing on the transcript.
Sept. 24
Withdrawal from Yale College on or before this date entitles a student to a rebate of one-half of fall-term tuition. See Undergraduate Regulations.



Essentials for First Years: This 4-week series showcases the 4 workshops that students find most impactful for getting a good start to their academic work at Yale. Students can get more information and sign up via this link:  Essentials for First Years workshop sign up
STEM Navigators (New!): This “light touch” peer mentoring network places students taking intro STEM courses in contact with our STEM Academic Strategies Mentors. Participating students will receive weekly personal emails from their mentors with advice for success in the courses and suggestions for how to access academic resources. They can also request individual mentoring appointments and attend STEM-related ASP workshops and events. Students can get more information and sign up via this link: STEM Navigators sign up
ASP/FGLI Community Initiative Peer groups: These peer groups, organized by area of academic interest and led by FGLI-identifying ASP mentors offer support and resources to first year and sophomore FGLI students.

Disability Peer Mentorship Program
A collaboration between Academic Strategies and Disability Empowerment at Yale, this program matches students with disabilities with peer mentors who have similar experiences navigating academic life at Yale for individual mentoring. Students can request a mentor via this form: Disability Peer Mentor Request. First-year students can also request mentorship and guidance about Student Accessibility Resources through the SAS Peer Liaison Program.
Meet with our Learning Specialist
Have a learning difference or other condition that affects how you accomplish your academic work? We can talk with you about new approaches for meeting Yale’s academic challenges. Contact Academic Strategies Learning Specialist Carol Morse ( for an appointment.
For First Years: College Transition Videos
Did you know that diving into your syllabi can help you succeed in your classes? What to learn the keys to performing well on p-sets? Learn about these topics and more through our college transition videos:
Individual Mentoring
Get organized for the semester by meeting with an Academic Strategies Mentor. Mentors will help you develop a weekly study routine, offer strategies for approaching complicated readings and p-sets, and help you develop a plan for prepping for those first exams. Our online mentoring schedule goes live Monday, Sept. 19. If you’d like to schedule a meeting before then, please email us at

WORKSHOPS (in person and online!)

Essentials for First Years: Organize Your Time! + Meet and Greet 
Wednesday, Sept. 7, 4-5 pm, Poorvu CTL 120C
In this interactive session, students will create a weekly routine to help them manage their time and get their academic work done.
Returning from Your Leave of Absence
Wednesday, Sept. 7, 4-5 pm, Poorvu CTL M104A
This interactive workshop helps you assess your current interests, strengths, and needs, and helps you develop a transition plan to help you get reconnected to your academic life at Yale.  
Getting the Most Out of Your Language Classes
Wednesday, Sept. 7, 7-8 pm, Poorvu CTL M104A
Learn the daily habits and mindsets that can help you succeed in learning a language at Yale.
Managing a Heavy Reading Load
Wednesday, Sept. 7, 8-9 pm, Online
Feeling overwhelmed by piles of reading? Learn some essential strategies to make the most of your limited reading time. Have less stress and create more free time!
Planning for Your Senior Thesis
Thursday, Sept. 8, 4-5 pm, Poorvu CTL M104A

Learn how to plan your writing and research, and how to access support resources for your senior thesis. For full-year and 1-semester senior thesis writers.
Strategies for Intro Math
Thursday, Sept. 8, 7-8 pm, Poorvu CTL M104A
Learn strategies for efficiently working on intro math problem sets and key strategies for studying for exams.
Pathways for First Years
Thursday, Sept. 8, 7-8 pm, Poorvu CTL M104A
What do you really want to get out of your first year? This interactive workshop helps students identify goals and sources of satisfaction while avoiding common first year pitfalls.
Getting the Most Out of Your Seminars & Lectures         
Thursday, Sept. 8, 8-9 pm, Online

Learn preparation, participation, note-taking, and review strategies to help you succeed in these two very different learning environments.