TD Downey Room

The Downey Room is TD’s space for small events and gatherings. Located above the dining hall, the Downey Room allows students to host small dinners, club meetings, acapella auditions, and more. All students are welcome to reserve the Downey Room as long as they abide by the 12-person capacity limit.

Reservation Instructions

  1. To reserve the room, email the Dining Hall Manager Ellen Habelow.
  2. The TD student who makes the reservation is responsible for making sure that the entire group follows the rules and does not damage anything.  Failure to treat the space with respect can result in loss of access to the room.   You are expected to leave the room as you found it.
  3. If you encounter any problems please report to TD’s Operations Manager.

COVID-19 Policy

To promote the effectiveness of our COVID-19 health and safety program at Yale, we have put in place certain requirements for events, gatherings, and meetings. These requirements reflect current public health guidance and support our expansion of on-campus activities. They may be amended as the public health environment changes. For up-to-date guidelines, check Yale’s Events, Gatherings & Meetings guideline.