Forms & Petitions

Yale College Students Forms & Petitions

  • Confidentiality Request
  • Degree Petition (En Route and Terminal)
  • Drop Second Major
  • Name or SSN Update
  • Petition for Credit Overload (Yale College)
  • Petition for Simultaneous Award of Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees
  • Petition to Accelerate/Decelerate
  • Petition to Complete Degree Requirements at the End of a Fall Term
  • Petition to Complete the Requirements of Two Majors
  • Request to Add Coursework Completed Outside Yale
  • Request to Enroll in a Professional School Course (Blue Form)
  • Simultaneous Degree Program Course Conversion Request
  • Update Summer Session/High School/Norfolk Courses
  • Verification of Enrollment or Degree
  • Yale College Declare Candidacy for a Certificate
  • Yale College Request for Leave of Absence
  • Yale College Schedule Change Form (Course Change Notice)
  • Yale College TI/ABX Request