Timothy Dwight College Council (Mott Woolley)

Mott Woolley is Timothy Dwight’s College Council. It is charged with making permanent improvements to the College for the benefit of its inhabitants. Each Monday, Mott, as it is known, meets to coordinate these efforts. Mott Woolley is known for creating gear for the college, planning and executing TD tailgates (most famously for the Yale-Harvard game), and for coordinating various trips and events such as the annual Paintball Trip and TD day.

If you are interested in learning more about Mott Woolley, please contact Mott president Emily Zhang (emily.x.zhang@yale.edu).


Emily Zhang (emily.x.zhang@yale.edu)
Mott Woolley President

Jai Chadha (jai.chadha@yale.edu)
Mott Woolley President Emeritus

Max Moen (max.moen@yale.edu)
Mott Woolley President Emeritus


This council is comprised of the following elected representatives from each class year:

Max Moen - President Emeritus
Jai Chadha - President Emeritus
Khat Tuchscherer
Ayla Elam
Axel Käellenius
Iris Yang
Kaleb Assefa
Aden Gonzalez
Emily Zhang - President
Alex Wechsler
Kyle Shepherd
Shubh Gupta
Michaela Kroon
Martine Dosa
Sarah Ben Tkhayet