TD Recording Studio

Reservation Instructions

  1. To schedule and complete a recording studio training with the TD recording studio engineers, please email email Gabby Montuori and Eric Jimenez. Please email them at least 1 week in advance of when you’d like to begin work so we can put you in an optimal situation for your recording!
  2. Once you have completed your training with Eric, please fill out the Timothy Dwight Student Spaces Reservation Form  to request swipe access into the recording studio. You will receive an email confirmation from TD’s Operations Manager once swipe access has been granted. Please provide up to 3 business days for swipe access to be granted.
  3. After recieving training and confirmation of your swipe access, you may begin to reserve time slots in the TD recording studio via the TD Recording Studio Calendly Reservation page.

COVID-19 Policy

To promote the effectiveness of our COVID-19 health and safety program at Yale, we have put in place certain requirements for events, gatherings, and meetings. These requirements reflect current public health guidance and support our expansion of on-campus activities. They may be amended as the public health environment changes. For up-to-date guidelines, check Yale’s Events, Gatherings & Meetings guideline.