Notes and News - Week of February 3, 2020

February 3, 2020
Dear Red Lions,

We had a wonderful spring 2020 Community Night thanks to our senior emcees and stage managers Won Jung, Nikita Raheja, and Max Yuhas – and their ghost writer, Kaleb Bishop!  Our photo of the week from Sophia Ross ’21 features our resident magicians – Josh Beasley (left) and Jake Mezey (right) – aka “Jake and Josh” doing their mind-bending trick on Vivek Katara ’20, making a whole cup of Coke disappear and reappear!  Wow!

We had one of our busiest weekends of the semester!  Yesterday, we had about 40 TD runners participate in theannual IRIS Run for Refugees.  Here are some great photos from this great annual New Haven event:
And congratulations to Angel Mora, Mott President, and the Mott Council for organizing a great ski trip this Saturday to Mount Snow!  And many thanks to KC Mills, TD Operations Manager, for chaperoning this biannual trip!!!  
The rest of February continues to be full of great events…

I am especially excited to announce that we are doing a Tea with Justin Noble TD ’06, who is the screenwriter for Brooklyn Nine-Nine and his special guest, Mindy Kaling, on Monday February 17th at 4pm.  Because we expect a lot of folks will be interested in this Tea and space is limited in the TD House, we are making this a TD-only Tea and pre-registration is required.  So, if you want to attend this Tea, you must sign-up in person to enter the lottery at the TD HoC office beginning at 9am this Tuesday 2/4.  Everyone will have until Friday 2/7 at 5pm to sign-up for the lottery.  We will announce the TD guest list on Monday 2/10.

Here are some exciting upcoming events:

Friday 2/7 TD Trip to “Making Marvels” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

We will announce by 5pm today the lottery winners for this trip.  Everyone who applied and did not get a spot is automatically placed onto the waitlist.  Lottery winners have until Wednesday 2/5 at 5pm to claim their spot on the trip and pick up their train tickets from the TD HoC office.  Any unclaimed spots will be open to the waitlist on a first-come, first-served basis starting at 9am on Thursday 2/6.

Wednesday 2/12 4:30pm Tea with Scott Blumenthal, Deputy Director of the Interactive News Desk of the New York Times (TD House)

Join us for a discussion with Scott Blumenthal ’96 on new trends in news reporting that combine traditional journalism with big data and new media and digital technologies!  Blumenthal leads a team of software engineers to work with the Times newsroom to fulfill its mission to “seek the truth and help people understand the world.”  He will also stay after the tea to have dinner with TD students and YDN editors in the Thompson Room.  Please go here to sign-up if you are interested in having dinner with Scott Blumenthal.

Saturday 2/15 7:30-9pm TD Ice Skating Trip to Ralph Walker Rink (Leave from Temple Street Gate)

We are working on finalizing our college outing to the local skating rink!  No need to sign-up, so just save the date for now!  We will be back with more information with the bus schedule as we get closer to the date.

Monday 2/17 4-5pm Tea with Justin Noble and Mindy Kaling (TD House)

To get a spot for this TD-only tea, you must sign up in person in the TD office to enter the lottery.  Sign-ups begin Tuesday 2/4 at 9am and close on Friday 2/7 at 5pm.  Results will be announced on Monday 2/10!

Without further ado, here is a word from Dean Mahurin…


Quan Barry

I have come to realize the body is its own pyre, that degree
rises from within, the fatty acids a kind of kindling.
Like a scientist in a lab, this much I have established, blood jelled
like gasoline, the years spread before me like a map
pinned with targets, where I’m raging even now.
It works both ways. Clear the forests to see your enemies
and your enemies see you clearly. Like all effective incendiaries,
I won’t only bloom where I’m planted.


Feb. 4
Last day to withdraw from a course offered in the first half of the spring term without the course appearing on the transcript. See Withdrawal from Courses and Grades.
Last day to convert from a letter grade to the Credit/D/Fail option in a course offered in the first half of the spring term. See Grades.

Feb. 6
Withdrawal from Yale College on or before this date entitles a student to a rebate of one-half of spring-term tuition. See Undergraduate Regulations.
Feb. 15
Deadline for applications for Yale Summer Session Programs Abroad.
Feb. 19
Last day to withdraw from a course offered in the first half of the spring term. See Withdrawal from Courses and Grades
Feb. 27
Classes begin for courses offered in the second half of the spring term.
Mar. 1
Deadline to apply for Non-Yale Summer Abroad.

The Yale Peabody Museum is excited to offer paid summer internships for Yale undergraduate students! Descriptions of the specific internships and the broader internship program, as well as the online application form, are available at: Application deadline is Monday, February 17, with applications accepted later on a rolling basis if internships have not been filled.

Two events on February 4!:

Interracial Relationships
Cultivating Community for Transracial Adoptees

Most workshops are held in the Poorvu Center (CTL). Room M104A is located on the Poorvu Center’s Writing Center mezzanine, just up the stairs near the 301 York St. entrance to Sterling Library. You are encouraged to RSVP via Yale OrgSync (

Supercharging Your Seminars and Lectures: Prep, Participation, Notetaking, Review    
Monday, February 3, 4:00 PM, CTL M104A
Learn strategies for effective note-taking, classroom engagement, and exam and assignment preparation for lectures and seminars.    

Creating a Timeline for Your Senior Thesis    
Monday, February 3, 6:00 PM, CTL M104A

Monday, February 10, 7:30 PM, CTL M104A
Learn how to plan your writing and research, and how to access support resources for your senior project.

Cultivating Faculty Mentors/Recommendations         
Monday, February 3, 7:30 PM, CTL M104A 
Initiate conversations, ask for assistance, request recommendations, and build mentoring relationships with Yale faculty, teaching fellows and staff.

Exam Study Strategies    
Tuesday, February 4, 4:00 PM, CTL M104A

Reduce exam stress by learning new strategies for preparing and studying for midterms and finals. This workshop offers suggestions for preparing for and taking problem-based, short answer, and essay exams.            
Time Management    
Tuesday, February 4, 6:00 PM, CTL M104A

Monday, February 10, 2020, 6:00 PM, CTL M104A
Set priorities and develop a weekly schedule that can lead to an active and balanced academic life. 
Pathways for Sophomores    
Tuesday, February 4, 7:30 PM, CTL 120C

Monday, February 10, 4:00 PM, CTL M104A
Wednesday, February 12, 7:30 PM, CTL M104A  
Sophomore year offers new challenges, including increased course loads, upper-level classes, and identifying a major. This interactive workshop helps students set goals and make long-term plans for the year.    

Strategies for Intro Math: Problem Sets & Exams    
Tuesday, February 4, 7:30 PM, CTL M104A
Learn strategies for efficiently working on intro math problem sets and key strategies for studying for exams.    

Procrastination: How to Work Through It
Wednesday, February 5, 6:00 PM, CTL M104A
Tuesday, February 11, 6:00, PM CTL M104A
This workshop offers strategies for identifying the sources of procrastination and pursuing productive habits that can get you back on track.

Pathways for First-Years
Wednesday, February 5, 7:30 PM, CTL M104A
Tuesday, February 11, 7:30 PM, CTL M104A         
What do you really want to get out of your first year? This interactive workshop helps students identify goals and sources of satisfaction and offers strategies for avoiding common pitfalls like overextension and burn out.

Managing a Heavy Reading Load    
Thursday, February 6, 4:00 PM, CTL M104A

Wednesday, February 12, 4:00 PM, CTL M104A  
Feeling overwhelmed by piles of reading? Learn some essential strategies to make the most of your limited reading time. Have less stress and create more free time!     
Getting the Most Out of Your Language Classes
Thursday, February 6, 6:00 PM, CTL M104A
Learn the daily habits, study skills, and mindsets that can help you participate fully and keep on track in your language classes at Yale.

Reading Effectively for STEM    
Thursday, February 6, 7:30 PM, CTL M104A
Learn strategies for reading purposefully and efficiently for STEM courses. Topics of discussion include how to effectively read textbook chapters and scientific articles, how to navigate jargon, data, and figures, and how to use readings to prep for problem sets and exams.        

Creating a Budget for Your Summer Experience
Friday, February 7, 1:00 PM, CTL 120C
Learn from CIPE experts how to make a realistic budget for your summer fellowship proposal.