TD Notes and News – Week of 4-3-23

April 4, 2023
WEEK OF 4/3/2023


Dear Red Lions,

Thanks for all the emails over the weekend about my April Fool’s email.  I promise that it is me writing!!! 

We had a rush of events last week – paintball, bowling, and more!  Our “photo of the week” comes from the photo booth set up for our TD Sophomore dinner at the Luke.  Our sophomore lions had a lot of fun composing letters to their future senior selves along with enjoying the delicious meal served up by one of New Haven’s newest restaurants.  If anyone did not get a chance to write or turn in their letters, it is not too late!  Please drop by the TD HoC office pick up stationery from Kim Rogers.  

More photos from the dinner will be forthcoming once we receive the link from our photographer.  So stay tuned.

Hilary Hahn is back on campus for the next few days!  All sign-ups for the lunches and practice workshops have closed and the results have been announced.  She is joined by Jazz violinist Scott Tixier (see below for his improv workshop)!  

I hope some of you will consider volunteering to help with our new TD bikeshare program!  TD is piloting this new program to provide our community with a sustainable and free transportation program.  To sign up, please go to this link.

We are once again doing “Take Your Professor Out to Dinner Week” in the TD Dining Hall for the week of April 17th.  Same rules apply – one prof per student and off-campus students dine for free.  So go ahead and invite your professor to dinner!  We’ll send out a new Google form sign-up next week.  

Here are some more important deadlines and exciting events coming up for the rest of the week:

Tuesday 4/4 4-5:15pm Jazz Improvisation workshop with award-winning Violinist Scott Tixier (TD House)

Meet and learn from one of the most creative living jazz violinists performing and teaching today.  Bring your instrument of choice – piano players will be able to use the house baby grand – and learn about improvisation from the ground up.  Tixier is a French jazz violinist who was selected by DownBeat as their Critic Poll Winner in 2018.  A five-time affiliated GRAMMY award-winner, he has performed, recorded, and toured with Jazz legends Kenny Barron and Antony Braxton to Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Coldplay, and more.  He has played on numerous film scores and TV shows including “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon”, “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”, and more.  In 2022, Tixier was the featured soloist for Jon Batiste’s American Symphony premiere at Carnegie Hall.  He is on the faculty at the University of North Texas specializing in Jazz Violin and the Director of Jazz String Lab. Co-sponsored with the University Jazz Collective.  

Tuesday 4/4 11:59pm Deadline to register for Anderson Cooper Post-Chubb Talk Dinner

We are closing the lottery for the dinner so register by tomorrow midnight if you haven’t already done so. Congrats to everyone who managed to get a ticket to the lecture.  It appears all tickets for the talk are now sold out with an active waitlist so the dinner is your last opportunity to hear from Anderson Cooper.

Tuesday 4/4 11:59pm Deadline to apply for TD Bergin and Chubb Summer Fellowships

If you are looking for funding for summer projects, please check out our two TD-only summer fellowships.  The Bergin funds any summer experience while the Chubb supports public service/leadership projects as well as programs related to this year’s Chubb Fellow.  Since we are honoring Anderson Cooper this spring, we will be supporting journalism related programs for this year in addition to public service projects.  

Without further ado, here is a word from Dean Mahurin…



 The Cherry Tree
David Wagoner
Out of the nursery and into the garden
where it rooted and survived its first hard winter,
then a few years of freedom while it blossomed,
put out its first tentative branches, withstood
the insects and the poisons for insects,
developed strange ideas about its height
and suffered the pruning of its quirks and clutters,
its self-indulgent thrusts
and the infighting of stems at cross purposes
year after year.  Each April it forgot
why it couldn’t do what it had to do,
and always after blossoms, fruit, and leaf-fall,
was shown once more what simply couldn’t happen.

Its oldest branches now, the survivors carved
by knife blades, rain, and wind, are sending shoots
straight up, blood red, into the light again.


Apr. 4
Deadline to apply for a fall-term 2023 Term Abroad or a 2023–2024 Year Abroad, 1 p.m.
Apr. 6
Last day to withdraw from a spring second-half course without the course appearing on the transcript.
Apr. 17
Registration for fall 2023 opens for the Class of 2024.
Apr. 18
Registration opens for fall 2023 for the Class of 2025, visiting students, Eli Whitney students (without a class year).
Apr. 19
Registration opens for fall 2023 for the Class of 2026.
Apr. 28
Classes end; reading period begins.
Apr. 28
Last day to convert from a letter grade to Cr/D/F option for a full-term course and/or a course offered in the second half of the spring term.
Apr. 28
Last day to withdraw from a full-term course and/or a course offered in the second half of the spring term.
Apr. 28
  Registration closes for all students.

ONE FOR ALL: A Reading and Conversation with author Lillie Lainoff (YC ‘18) on Navigating Disability at Yale and Beyond: Thursday, April 6, 1:30-2:30, Poorvu CTL 120A.
Join recent Yale College graduate Lillie Lainoff (JE ‘18) in a reading from her award-winning debut YA novel, ONE FOR ALL, a gender-bent retelling of The Three Musketeers, in which a girl with a chronic illness trains as a Musketeer and uncovers secrets, sisterhood, and self-love. The reading will be followed by a conversation with Q/A about navigating disability at Yale and beyond.
Language Tasting, Friday, April 14, 3-5 pm with 5 pm dinner at the Center for Language Study.
During the event, students will be able to participate in microlessons in a wide range of languages, many of which are not taught widely but are accessible through the Center for Language Study.
The goal of this Yale community-wide event is to encourage students to think of learning a new language as more than meeting a requirement—it’s about cultivating an appreciation of language and culture and learning together in community. Language classes are one of the places at Yale where students feel most connected to their classmates across differences in identity and experience as students share the common struggle of being new at something.
Have questions? Contact Lynda Paul, Academic Strategies Assistant Director: 
Cultivating Faculty Mentors/Recommendations 
Tuesday, April 4, 7-8 pm, Poorvu CTL M104A 
Initiate conversations, ask for assistance, request recommendations, and build mentoring relationship with Yale faculty, teaching fellows, and staff. 
The Psychology of Time Management 
Tuesday, April 4, 8-9 pm, Online 
Come to this workshop to learn about some of the major cognitive obstacles to organizing your time and take away a set of mental tools for increasing your awareness of these common thought processes so that they can be prevented or interrupted. 
Procrastination: How to Work Through It 
Wednesday, April 5, 4-5 pm, Poorvu CTL M104A
This workshop offers strategies for identifying sources of procrastination and pursuing productive habits that can get you back on track. 
Strategies for Intro Math
Wednesday, April 5, 7-8 pm, Poorvu CTL M104A
Learn strategies for efficiently working on intro math problem sets and key strategies for studying for exams.
Reading Effectively for STEM
Wednesday, April 5, 8-9 pm, Online
Learn strategies for reading purposefully and efficiently for STEM courses. Topics of discussion include how to effectively read textbook chapters and scientific articles, how to navigate jargon, data, and figures, and how to use readings to prep for problem sets and exams.
Exam Study Strategies 
Thursday, April 6, 4-5 pm, Poorvu CTL M104A
Reduce exam stress by learning new strategies for preparing and studying for midterms and finals. This workshop offers suggestions for preparing for and taking problem-based, short answer, and essay exams. 
Academic and Professional Communication
Thursday, April 6, 8-9 pm, Poorvu CTL M104A
Learn strategies for writing for professional and formal academic audiences.
How to Break it to Your Parents that you Want to Study the Arts or Humanities
Friday, April 7, 3-4 pm, Poorvu CTL M104A
This workshop guides you through a series of reflective questions about why the arts and humanities matter, and how the skills one learns through studying them (whether or not one majors in them) can positively affect the course of one’s education, career, and life. You will leave this session with new vocabulary with which to articulate the value of pursuing these areas, along with a framework for continuing to determine your own path through them.
STEM Navigators Study Hall 
Sunday, April 2, 2-5 pm, Poorvu CTL 120A 
Come complete your p-sets, study, and meet your peers in your STEM courses. Snacks and peer mentors are here to help you with any questions about majors, summer opportunities, or classes to take in the future.

ISA Information Session 4
Friday, April 14 | 10:00am – 11:00am

Zoom link
Workshop: Writing Essays for National Fellowships
Friday, April 14 | 12:30pm – 1:30pm
Zoom link
Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program: Q&A Drop-In Hours
Monday, April 17 | 2:00pm - 3:40pm
Bass Library Café space
Register here

Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program: Information Session
Monday, April 17 | 4:00pm - 5:00pm
Luce Hall 101
Register here

Info Session for UK Fellowships: Rhodes & Beyond
Thursday, April 20 | 12:30pm – 1:30pm
Zoom link