TD Notes and News – Week of 4-22-24

April 22, 2024

WEEK OF 4/22/2024


Dear Red Lions,

Greetings again… many of you wrote to let me know that I goofed on the dates for senior dinner and the karaoke party.  They are indeed next Monday 4/29 and Tuesday 4/30 respectively.  Everything else is the same.  Thanks all for reading and writing!  

Because of everything going on this past week I am going to keep our TD Notes and Newsvery short and focus on the important announcements for this week.

I do have one adorable “photo of the week” to share of our TD first-years teaching baby Anna to play spikeball!

I am guessing many of you are tired but we are almost there! It’s the last week of classes andI know we can keep going and get to the finish line.  I want to really cheer on our TD first-years who are about to finish their first full year and move onto becoming sophomores! 

Everyone make sure to celebrate this Friday with our annual TD Day sponsored by our amazing SAC!  Please take good care of yourselves and each other.  And call upon me or Dean if you need us!

Here are important upcoming events:

Wednesday 4/24 4:30pm “The State of Audio/Visual Journalism: A Talk with New Yorker, NY Times, and This American Life” (TD House)

Join us for our last tea of the 23-24 academic year featuring Aaron Reiss, digital mapmaker and storyteller who is serving as this year’s TD College Seminar Instructor.  He will be in conversation with special guests: Emanuelle Berry, Executive Producer of This American Life; Alicia M. DeSantis, Deputy Editor at The New York Times; and David Kofahl, Director of Interactives at The New Yorker.  A must-attend event for anyone interested in journalism.  

Friday 4/26 TD Day (TD Courtyards)

Save the date for our big celebration of the end of classes hosted by our TD SAC.  Mott will have yet another one-in-a-kind original t-shirt.  Our Dining Hall will be doing a cookout for lunch!  This will be Family Dinner protocol so all off-campus TDers will get to eat for free. 

Monday 4/29 5-8:30pm TD Senior Cocktails, Class Photo, and Dinner 

Dr. B and I are hosting cocktails at 5pm in the TD House.  At 5:45pm we will head out to the TD Courtyard for our class photo.  And then we’ll go straight to the TD Dining Hall to celebrate your class with TD Senior dinner and video!  Non-seniors will have to dine at another college for the evening!  

Tuesday 4/30 9-10pm Karaoke Study Break with Dean and HL (TD Dining Hall)

Our sophomore lions came up with the brilliant idea of doing a Karaoke party as my farewell event for the college.  So come on down and get ready to sing!  Dean and I will promise to reprise our duet from Fall 2015 – the one and only time she and I have ever sung together in public – but we need you all to come sing with us.  And we’ll end with pizza!

I’ll send out a note with our TD SAC study breaks later this week.  Without further ado, here is a very quick word from Dean Mahurin…



Water in Love Image

Ed Bok Lee

How to love like water loves
when it’s impossible to even taste
all the ghostly sediments
each time you take a sip

Impossible to savor
the salt in your blood
the light and island shorelines
in each living cell

When even the plainest mouthful
tastes more of you than you of it

Sweetest of absences
that frees in wave after wave
debris of thought like the dead,
the drowned, the vanished, and yet
sails your lips
on a voyage toward another’s, plying
all luck and regret

Worship, splash, guzzle, or forget
It clears any difference
Stone washer and mountain dissolver
that will
outlive us, even the memory of
all any eyes touched

Comet through outer space
Sleep among all the cloud-shepherds’ children

A love so perpetually current
it doesn’t care that you love
without even knowing you love
what you couldn’t survive
three days without