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Party Registration Request

We want you to have fun, abide by rules – and stay safe.
In accordance with Yale College Undergraduate Regulations, all parties of more than 20 people must be approved by the Head of College. To apply for approval, complete this form at least 48 hours prior to the party. Only the party’s host can apply for approval. 
Simply submitting this form does not constitute permission; all forms must actually be approved by the Head of College. After approval has been granted by the Head of College or her delegate, a copy will be given to the dean, and the custodial supervisor. The requesting student should also notify occupants of the entryway that a party will be taking place.
Please note that a party is limited to a maximum of 50 people at any time; it is the Head of College’s prerogative to set a lower maximum limit. Sunday through Thursday nights, parties must end no later than 11 pm. Friday and Saturday nights, parties must end no later than 1 am. (It is the Head of College’s prerogative to declare certain nights as “party-free” due to the need for extended quiet hours.) Hosts with any reasonable expectation that more than 50 guests might attend the party must engage an off-duty police officer from the Yale Police (203-432-4400).
In addition to all requirements noted in the Undergraduate Regulations, all parties involving alcohol require a returnable $50 damage deposit, payable to the Head of College’s Office, at least two working days in advance of the party. Host’s cell phone must be set on vibration during party, and must be on the host’s person and answerable throughout party. If the host cannot be reached by cell phone by the Head of College, the Dean, or one of the Resident Fellows during the party, the party will be shut down and the deposit retained.
Please note that only the official host of the party may submit this form.