Notes & News (2013-09-22)

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Shout-out to the men and women on the IM fields - TD came storming back from a modest opening to an almost perfect week of victories. Red Lions are back – it’s a roar for more!

Major doings this week:

·         Tuesday, September 24 - Sydney Molina and the Quaternaglia Guitar Quartet of Brazil – Master’s Tea at 4:30 pm and university concert at 8:00 pm in Sudler Hall.  Would I ever steer you wrong? Do not miss this. TD’s own David Molina ’15 has helped me bring to Yale his father Sydney Molina and the rest of the famed  Quaternaglia Quartet from Brazil. The group is on tour in the U.S., and will talk about their lives and art (as well as do a little playing!) at the Master’s Tea in my house at 4:30 pm. Then for one night only, they will play the music of classical and contemporary Brazilian composers in Sudler Hall of WLH at 8 pm. (Be there early in Sudler Hall to guarantee that you get a seat – the Yale Music School is spreading the word to all of its students!) Our first Master’s tea of the year, and you know the rest: both the food AND the guests will be magnificent. 

·         Wednesday, September 25 at 9 pm, – TD SAC Study Break in the Buttery with Popeye’s Chicken  You know how this works! Be there when your SAC delivers!!

Sign up NOW for Intensive painting workshop with Heidi Coutu on Saturday, October 5, from 10 – 3.  Former resident fellow and outstanding artist Heidi Coutu has room for 14 TD Lions to join her for an intensive painting workshop on Saturday October 5th in the Multipurpose Room. You will complete a still life painting, working through the morning and afternoon with a break for lunch. Heidi will demo throughout and instruct on capturing light in your painting, working to control color, and keeping your brush stroke fresh. Previous painting experience is suggested, but not required. All materials included. Workshop begins promptly at 10:00 and finishes at 3:00. To reserve your place, write now to Heidi at!

Associate Master Sally Brenzel has a (very) few places in her ongoing group exercise classes, Total Strength on Fridays at 3:00 pm and Pilates on Sundays at 3:00 pm.  The startup classes took off this past week. If you want to take an open spot, send an email to asap. (Sally is the founder and owner of New Haven Pilates, and has been teaching group exercise and Pilates for over fifteen years. These sessions are FREE to TD students, and are being held in the Multipurpose Room.)

TD Student Kitchen – Ready for You!  Don’t forget we have a fully equipped kitchen for you to use preparing your own meals with friends! Two new policies. 1) After you book the kitchen, send an email to inform all 3 kitchen aides:, and 2) When you finish, fill out the mandatory online form regarding in what shape you found and left the kitchen & equipment. (You won’t be able to make another reservation until you have!)

Thievery. It’s an ugly reality, and happened here last week when a student whose door was propped said goodbye to backpack and laptop. Here’s the unfortunate truth, which we try our best to bring to your attention: when you prop your door, it’s not just about you. Thieves gravitate to easy targets, and if you make yourself an easy target, it affects both you and everyone else. Secure your own stuff and also be a good citizen. Please don’t prop the door to your room. It takes virtually zero time to reach into your pocket and use a key.

Night Off Tonight for the TD Buttery.  Due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control (intergalactic warfare, existential crises), the Butt will not open tonight, but will be open as usual starting Monday night.  


Creative writing workshop/writing groups  A general informational meeting for anyone in the Yale community interested in a self-led creative writing workshop/writing group will be held at 7PM on Wednesday, September 25th, in Room 105 Linsly-Chittenden Hall, 63 High Street. The meeting will be conducted by John Crowley, Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing. Suggestions and prompts for organizing a workshop run and managed by participants will be offered.  If enough interested people appear, one or more workshops can be established.  Please contact John Crowley ( with any questions – but all usable information will be available in the September 25th meeting.

STARS I Information Session: Wednesday, October 1, 5 PM, La Casa Cultural Center If you are interested in majoring in the sciences, math or engineering, STARS is for students who have historically been underrepresented in these fields. This includes students of color, women, students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, first generation college students, and the physically challenged. The program will offer:

  • Study group workshops focused on the first and second year courses in Biology, Chemistry, Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science
  • Faculty and graduate student mentors
  • Panels of interest to you and
  • Social events

Application Deadline: Friday, October 11, 2013 at 4:30 p.m.  Applications and more information can be found here:

Information Session for the BA-BS/MPH Program will take place on Tuesday, September 24, at 5:00 in Linsly- Chittenden Hall, Room 211. Covered will be the academic requirements, the concentrations of study, and the admissions process. Program directors and current students will also be available to answer questions.  Questions to Mary Keefe, Director of Admissions | Yale School of Public Health,203.785.6276 |"> 


Dear TD’ers,           

Although when I look at my tutoring schedule, nothing makes me happier than to see it filled with TD’ers, in recent years I have been more popular than I’d like with students from other colleges who get to the Scheduler first. So this year I took the risk of only putting on the Scheduler about half of my weekly quota of hours, which will allow me to save the rest for TD’ers in need.            

 I’m pleased that many of you with deadlines who have not been able to find a time have written to me directly so that we can try to get you in. Once you are registered with the Scheduler at the writing center web site, I can often add time for you, even if all the slots appear to be taken, so please do email me if you do not find a time that works for you.

You are also welcome to just stop by, even if a particular slot is filled, and we can try to make alternative plans.

I look forward to seeing you!–best, Diane Charney

PS: Please don’t be shy about signing up ahead of time, well in advance of your deadline, since to do so preserves the time for a TD’er. If you have a change of plans and need to cancel, even at the last minute, that’s not a problem. And please remember that you do not have to come with a finished draft in hand. Some of the most productive sessions can be just brainstorming, which can save you a lot of time, later.         


Fall 2013 Information Sessions for Majors, Departments and Programs

Portuguese. Wednesday, October 2 from 4:30-6:00 p.m. Please join the Portuguese faculty for a discussion to Portuguese at Yale and Yale in Brazil.  Professors Selma Vital and Marta Almeida and graduate students Vanessa Revheim Cunha and Fabiana DePaula will be available for information on language courses and Yale Summer Sessions’ 8-week summer study abroad in Brazil in 2014.  Professors K. David Jackson and Paulo Moreira will provide information on courses for the undergraduate major.  The session will feature student photos from the summer program in Brazil and an assortment of Brazilian food and drinks. Romance Languages Lounge, 82–90 Wall Street, 3rd floor.

French. Monday, October 7 at 3:30 p.m. Information session for study abroad in Francophone countries and the French major.  French Department faculty, Yale study abroad center, former study abroad participants and present French majors will be present to answer questions. Refreshments will be served. Romance Languages Lounge, 82–90 Wall Street, 3rd floor.

Spanish. Thursday, October 10 at 4:00 p.m., an informal get-together will be held at the Department of Spanish & Portuguese. Meet Spanish Department professors, learn about course offerings, and hear about study abroad opportunities. Refreshments will be served. Romance Languages Lounge, 82–90 Wall Street, 3rd floor.

East Asian Languages and Literatures. Monday, October 14, from 4:00-4:45 p.m.  Two current EALL majors—one senior and one junior— the Chair, Professor Tina Lu, and the DUS, Professor Edward Kamens, will answer students’ questions about the department, the major and study abroad. 312 Hall of Graduate Studies.  

Archeological Studies. Students interested in the major in Archeological Studies should e-mail the DUS, Professor Oswaldo Chinchilla, to arrange a time to meet.

Art. Students interested in the art major should send an email this fall to ask to be placed on the sophomore intended major email list for updates and general announcements and for the announcement of the upcoming fall info session.

Computer Science and joint majors. Students interested in a major in Computer ScienceComputer Science and MathematicsComputer Science and Psychology,Computing and the Arts, or Electrical Engineering and Computer Science should visit to schedule a time to meet.

Economics, and Economics & Mathematics. During his walk-in office hours posted on the undergraduate webpage,, Professor Samuel Kortum, the DUS for the Economics major and the Economics and Mathematics major will provide information about the requirements for the majors, research opportunities, career options, and any other issues students may have Students are encouraged to email him for a special meeting if the posted day and time doesn’t suit a student’s schedule.

Russian, and Russian and East European Studies

Students interested in a major in Russian or Russian and East European Studies are invited to contact Professor Bella Grigoryan, the DUS of Slavic Languages and Literatures. Email –


CIPE Photo Contest  The Center for International and Professional Experience is looking for photos from your experiences in CIPE programs to create the first annual CIPE Calendar. We are seeking your best photo and caption that reflect a meaningful aspect or idea from your experience abroad. The top 12 photographs and captions will be featured in the first ever CIPE Calendar.
The deadline for submitting an entry is 11:59 pm on Tuesday, October 1, 2013. Selected photos and accompanying captions will be used in the CIPE Calendar, and will be displayed on-campus and on the CIPE and Yale College websites. Read about details, eligibility, and submission information.

Spain and France Study Abroad Information Session

When: Thursday, September 26, 4pm – 5pm   Where: CIPE, Room 305, 55 Whitney Ave

Study abroad in Spain or France! Gina Caruso, Study Abroad Coordinator from Sweet Briar College, will be on-campus to discuss their study abroad program options in Seville, Spain and Paris, France. Learn more about the Spain program here:  Learn more about the France program here:

Getting Into Graduate School (offered twice next week)

Monday, 9/23, 4:00PM, CIPE 369

Thursday, 9/26, 11:00AM, CIPE 305

This program will address various reasons why students enter graduate school, how to research and evaluate programs, the timelines for applying and how to evaluate offers. We also will be distributing copies of our newest guide, Getting into Graduate School, at this event. Sign up for this workshop through your Symplicity account. 

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For some years now on the weekend before Family Weekend I like to recall a previous fall day when a red-tail hawk caught my eye as I drove along Interstate 95.    It rode the thermals on that sunny day, wings and tail feathers spread, its head cocked slightly, scanning the ground among the trees.  Further on I saw another one.  Occasionally, one is seen over our campus, like some stray osprey who visits a distant and tiny pond on its way to another place.  A strange circumstance.

As I write each year at this time, “circumstance” is a word on my mind as Family Weekend approaches. Each of us comes from different circumstances, and these different circumstances affect our different lives here. Maybe family will visit us this weekend, maybe not; maybe our tests will be few, probably not; probably we are a little behind in our work, maybe a lot. “Circumstance” in these examples is a concept that can separate us one from another. Another sense of the word, however, lifts and delights me (I am grateful to Jose Ortega y Gasset): “Circumstance” comes from the Latin “circum” (“around”) and “stare” (“to stand”). He uses the word to name that which is, that which is around us – the given of the actual world, the fact of it. In this sense each of us stands before the same common circumstance while each of us has different individual circumstances. 

As I watched those soaring red-tails, I thought of my perspective from the ground, and I tried to imagine the hawks’ perspective from above.  Best of all, though, I thought of the hawk and me together, of my place in our shared circumstance in the cool fall air near actual trees (especially by our Gingko), of our actual standing, of the actual buildings that are our college and New Haven, and of the actual grass of our courtyard. So, like that red-tail, may we also be lifted by our places in common, the built and natural world around us, and the imagined thermals that rise from our common ground.

Whatever your circumstances – and standing with you within our circumstance in common– I send you my encouragement and my wish that you have confidence as you prepare for your tests and write your papers and problem sets.  And, on Family Weekend, if you know someone whose family is unable to visit that day, maybe you can join your circumstance with theirs and invite that someone to join you and your family.

The hawks flew their way, and I drove mine.  I could not help but envy their flight and (imagined) freedom.  I took them to myself, though, as I went my way, grateful that I saw them, grateful that I saw them and me, and now grateful that I see me in a different way.  

See you around the courtyard.

Dean Loge